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The sexychouke brand.

Limited editions designed by two young belgians

We have designed clothes that can be worn every day thanks to their comfort and their “street contemporary” style. Our promise is to make themed limited editions numbered and unique twice a year.

The design “100% designed in Belgium” is out of the ordinary so that you can wear an authentic and trendy outfit. It’s up to you to discover what we propose! 🤙🏼

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Sexychouke are you in for
a Camo collection?

Yes! We are for peace and love, with more cheerful clothes that bring us together. For this second limited collection we offer you 2 hoodies and 2 crewneck sweatshirts with our colorful trellis origami.  

We want to see you proudly wearing this new collection with your friends,
teammates or even your loved one ❤️ 🏳️ 

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