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We offer quality, eco-friendly, limited edition clothing with renowned labels! Want to know why we are working on pre-orders for this project? Discover the behind the scenes of our production…

Why do you need to make a pre-ordering?

Thanks to this system, we only order the quantity needed from our suppliers. No surplus, unsold items or huge stock. We also make sure that we have enough time to produce our clothes properly to guarantee a certain quality.

Financially speaking, making a pre-order is like financing the project because you won’t get the product directly, a bit like crowdfunding. The production is not done in advance, so it’s a promise that we make to you: to deliver your clothes no matter what happens. We already thank you for trusting us and believing in our project! ❤️

The fact that you have to wait for your package will let you enjoy even more the moment when you can unwrap it. Today’s society wants everything very quickly without taking into consideration the necessary work, the clothes we create is made for you, it will have a unique value in your eyes.


A quality cloth

By the way, let’s talk about quality! We want premium quality clothing with a textile that is pleasant to wear and that lasts over time. No stress, it will still look like something after 50 washes, so we limit overconsumption on our scale.

Paperstrip® a collaborative project

In the near future, we would like to involve you in the Paperstrip® adventure. We would like to propose surveys so that you can tell us what you would like in a future collection. Whether it’s design, clothing category and/or accessories.


Limited editions

The limited creation also allows us to prove to you that we do not want to play on the quantity but rather on the rarity of your clothes. You will have exclusivity and therefore a rare piece that not everyone will have the chance to have.

Finally, you support a project that two young ketjes have launched and this is a strong message! You are helping us to realize our dream and supporting young entrepreneurs is also very gratifying!

The future of our production & our partner

We work with our supplier Stanley & Stella, a Belgian company that produces its clothes in Bangladesh. We know all the controversies around textile production and the history of Bangladesh. We chose Stanley & Stella because we can have a clear follow-up and transparency on how and where the clothes are produced. Every year we have access to a report on the working conditions and the manufacturing of the garments. The big players in this sector are China, India, Turkey and Portugal. Some of these countries do not offer such a complete follow-up on their textile production and this lack of transparency did not fit with our vision of the Paperstrip® project.


Despite our desire to produce in Europe, certain conditions did not fulfill our guidelines, such as working conditions, eco-responsible raw materials, production monitoring, clothing quality and choice of models.
On our small scale, having the luxury of producing as locally as possible is very complicated.
We would like to be able to hire a stylist in the future and produce our clothes more locally, but cotton is a primary resource that is only produced in very specific regions. We are open to proposals to improve this, our project is in constant evolution thanks to you who read us.

If we can make a difference at each step of our production, we will do our best to realize it.


The Stanley & Stella promise

Stanley & Stella works in close collaboration with the labels presented below. This allows our clothes to follow certain charters in terms of eco-responsibility. We know that this is not everything, but we want, in our small way, to be able to guarantee the transparency of our clothes as best we can.

Know that we do this project by pure passion for people who like to wear more qualitative and original clothes. So what do you think about trying our clothes and joining our project?


Our garments are Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) labeled, which supports partners in their approach to corporate social responsibility (CSR) to ensure worker safety.

GRS Certified

The Global Recycle Standard (GRS) is the leading global standard for recycled textiles. It is the world leader for recycled textiles and certifies recycled materials based on environmental and social practices.


OEKO-TEX® is a safety standard for the evaluation of harmful substances in fabrics. Its objective is to ensure that products are free of harmful substances.


Our clothes are PETA approved, as we do not conduct or sponsor any animal testing on ingredients, formulations or finished products. None of our products contain any components of animal origin.

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